Is Styria a pioneer in the area of “Healthy Aging”?

Can Styria define itself as an international model region for projects and activities in the area of “Healthy Aging”?

This and other similar questions were presented to participants of the fourth Health Executive Lounge 2015 des Human Technology Cluster Styria. RegionAAL was presented by Maria Fellner (JOANNEUM RESEARCH) as an introduction to the topic. In the subsequent panel discussion, Gerd Hartinger explained the significance of the test region for the Geriatric Health Centers in the city of Graz (GGZ) and also provided numerous examples of assistive technologies which are currently being tested or used in GGZ.

Key results of the discussion were that “Active Aging” – also know as an actively supported life for all people – is becoming increasingly important for our society and is therefore even more desirable that the numerous existing technologies finally enter the market and, subsequently, are applied in real life settings.