RegionAAL en route

A big part of the RegionAAL team (13 people) took off on 19 January 2016 to visit and learn from two other Austrian AAL test regions: the ZentrAAL in Salzburg and West-AAL in Innsbruck.

Following the team’s arrival at Salzburg and a short refreshment

RegionAAL at ZentrAAL

break, the group was warmly welcomed by Cornelia Schneider and Victoria Willner (both from Salzburg Research) and we discussed some topics that are particularly interesting for us, including:

  • Requirements and users
  • Selection of technical components
  • Study planning

On the same day, the RegionAAL team continued its journey to Innsbruck, where they had a chance to visit the beautiful old town and finish the day with a nice dinner. Not only did it provide the opportunity to reflect on the visit to ZentrAAL, but also for the development of further ideas for the project.
RegionAAL at West-AAL

RegionAAl at WestAAL
RegionAAl at WestAAL

The visit to West-AAL took place on 20 January 2016. The team was greeted by Felix Piazzolo and Luka Cotelj (both from the University of Innsbruck) in the senior residence Veldidenapark. The test region West-AAL operates one year longer than ZentrAAL; hence, beside the above mentioned issues, advice could be sought on other topics due to the experience of the team at West-AAL:

  • Rolling out technologies that are planned to be installed
  • Equipment and construction of a model apartment

These visits were certainly a very valuable experience for team RegionAAL, and they could take on a lot of experience for their own project. Presumably, the next AAL test region will also request an appointment to visit us in a year’s time … ?