Learning from European neighbours

On invitation of the Styrian Humane Technology Cluster, a delegation from Saxony-Anhalt with around 20 delegates visited the Geriatric Health Centres of the City of Graz (GGZ) on June 27 to exchange ideas on “Active and Healthy Aging” in order to “learn from European neighbours “. A deeper cooperation with the Styrian AHA reference region is foreseen for the future. Representatives from business and science of the health sector of Saxony-Anhalt were led by Digital State Secretary Thomas Wünsch.

Some Styrian initiatives were presented – including the RegionAAL project. Following the presentation, several topics were discussed, like composition of the group of participants, the products in use for the pilot and continuation after the project end. The event ended with a visit to the model apartment at the Albert Schweitzer Training Centre of the GGZ.